Mousen   Energy Converter

Made of super alloys of several rare precious metals, such as titanium, platinum, palladium to make light and heavy oil molecules fully cracked into inseparable particles

Improve Productivity

Improve fuel efficiency with double flammable surface area to achieve complete combustion and save around 15~30% fuel energy

Reduce Emission

Reduce around 70% exhaust gas emission completely eliminate various combustion instability, and maximizes combustion efficiency

Lower Operation Cost

Without risk of exhaust pollution. Carbon will not deposit in the combustion system and maintenance costs can be reduced accordingly

Ready to Save an Extra 30% on Your Gas Fuel?

Mousen Fuel Energy Converter

Mousen Fuel Energy Catalyzeris made of super alloys of several rare precious metals and minerals, which are melted into composite metals such as titanium, platinum, palladium, etc., and precision-cast by special processing technology, as Its theoretical basis is derived from characteristic of electronic physics of superalloys, which makes fuel molecules fully cracked into inseparable particles

Liquid Fuel Converter

Mousen Liquid Fuel Converter is suitable for steam boilers, heat medium boilers and various light and heavy oil burners. It  can fully crack light and heavy oil molecule into indivisible particles to achieve complete combustion

Gas Fuel Converter

Mousen Gas Fuel Converter can connect to the gas pipeline behind the fuel filter and pressure regulator. When the fuel passes the converter, it is quickly cracked into indivisible particles, and the power is increased to promote the complete combustion of the fuel.

Liquefied Gas Converter

The Mousen Liquefied Gas Converter is introduced for gas stoves and water heaters for homes or restaurants. It is expected to save 36% in high fires and more than 50% gas fuel in low fires, and the strong firepower does not deposit carbon.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Mousen Energy Converter not only greatly improves fuel quality and stability, but also doubles flammable surface area, which achieves complete combustion effect, completely eliminates various combustion instability, and maximizes combustion efficiency.

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