Energy Catalyzer 

Use Case

See how Mousen Energy Catalyzer work in boiler system and gas fuel to save about 15%~30% fuel energy

Super Alloy Converter

Made of super alloys of several rare precious metals and minerals and precision-cast by special processing technology, Mousen Energy Converter is derived from characteristic of electronic physics of superalloys, which makes fuel molecules fully cracked into inseparable particles.

Exhaust Emission Reduction

The exhaust emissions are approaching zero or in very low level.  The working environment is clean and the air is fresh, free of environmental pressure and exhaust pollution.

Operation Cost Reduction

After intallation of Mousen Energy Catalyzer, the combustion system will not accumulate carbon, which reduce the maintenance cost and extend service life of the system.


Fuel Savings

Get the Most out of Every Fuel

Firepower can be strong, and the temperature can be increased quickly, which reduce standby time and enhance productivity. The fuel saving rate can be as high as 15-30%. The installation cost can be recovered soon, and then user can save considerable fuel purchase cost continuously.

Use Cases

Learn more about how Mousen Energy Catalyzer can achieve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emission for different industries

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