About Mousen

Mou-Sen Company Limited (Mou-Sen) is  exclusive to Super Energy Catalytic Converter (SECC) products, manufactured by High Fidelity Outer Space Technology, for sales and customer service in Middle East and Africa. Mousen Energy Converter can be applied to steam, locomotives, gas furnaces, industry equipment (generators, boilers, kilns, burners), ships, aircraft.

Our Mission

To pursue environment friendly and develop energy-saving orientated products & solutions. We are entrusted to deal with energy-saving plans according to individual needs and minimum budgets to reduce energy waste and prevent the continuous deterioration of the environment.


20 years+ in electronic industry

Found in the year of 1988 in Taiwan.  

Our Advantages

Built with several rare metals with super-alloys special treating technique and precision casting method, Mousen Energy Catalyzers fully separate the molecule of the gasoline/diesel (nano-structured), making the combustion complete and stable and significantly enhancing fuel efficiency. 


Source expertise from US & Canada

Collaborated with retirees from NASA and Canada military

“Our vision is to customize energy-efficient proposal for every need and diverse fuel products.”

Andy Bryant

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Let us help you to save fuel energy and improve efficiency

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